The Written Word

I started my life of writing when I was in high school after failing the first semester of 9th grade English because my teacher was horrible. I changed teachers and ended the second semester almost with a 100 average. That lead me to writing fan fiction after becoming a Backstreet Boys fan, along with NASCAR fan fiction (I know …) for years. 

After starting college again, I originally majored in Creative Writing before moving to Public Relations and finally Communications with an emphasis on video production. I graduated with a minor in creative writing and, wait for it, journalism. During that time I joined the college newspaper first as a web designer (I had previously went to school for that), but found myself becoming the Features Editor, Managing Editor, and eventually, Editor-in-Chief.  In my senior year, I won our newspaper more awards than any other college newspaper in Georgia history. 

That’s how I fell into the field of journalism. During my 10+ years in journalism, working as an entertainment writer/editor, photographer, online producer, designing the newspaper, and basically managing a sports department without the title, I didn’t write for fun much. When I did, it poured out of me until it didn’t. Then there were long writer blocks.

I was unhappy in my job and stuck in a rut of working a job that I did not apply for and was not promised what I actually signed up for. Our president’s attitude towards journalist was horrible and people were going into newspapers with guns, killing people. I wanted out. 

But when I left journalism, my writing picked back up and I’ve written several books. They aren’t fan fiction, obviously, but have that “fangirl” feel to them, which is my trademark.  I also get to write for work again, which I love. 

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