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My name is Karah and you may know me from several of the fandoms that I’m heavily involved in – especially the Backstreet Boys. 

But I’m a little more than just your typical adult fangirl. I work in marketing and I have been working with web design since I first started teaching myself hardcore HTML coding in 1998. I have also worked as a concert photographer and an award-winning journalist and designer.

This site will serve not only as a portfolio of sort, but also to showcase some of my work and a place to blog. I own BSBFangirls.com, but there are things I want to blog about that aren’t Backstreet Boys-related. That’s where this site will come in. 

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When Fandoms collide

When Fandoms collide

I’ve always been the kind of girl that kept her fandoms separately. You had “Friends” to the left and you had country music on the right. Or football to the left and Backstreet Boys to the right.
Over the past few years, they’ve started merging.

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