As a senior in college, I did an independent study with my advisor about digital journalism. In the study, I had to write and design a guide for college newspapers on how to incorporate social media in the news industry.  At this time, social media was still new and people didn’t really consider it for marketing. It was a way to spread news. 

To say the least, that guide is WAY outdated now. Social media has changed the game for not only journalism, but marketing as a whole. 

In fact, I didn’t realize until a little over two years ago that I’ve been working in marketing the majority of my career. Sure, newspapers is journalism, but you also have to work on marketing the material on social media or making a story presentable that someone would want to pick up and read. Also, all of my “fandom” work can be considered marketing. 

In fact, my contributions to the Backstreet Boys fandom is what I believe helped me break into the marketing industry with my first marketing job. While I work for a software company whose market is nowhere near the Backstreet Boys’ market, it’s all about knowing how to get to right people in each scenario.