I’m just a girl in the world … 

Yes, I am just a small town girl that had big city dreams, so I got the heck out of dodge. I live in Atlanta and work at a software company in the marketing department. After 10+ years in Journalism, I got out of that, too, and had fallen out of love with it. 

In a way, I’ve been in marketing for years and just never knew it. I’ve now made it my career and hope to branch out more. I’ve marketed my online persona as an adult fangirl and proud of what I’ve done within my boy band fandom. While I own BSBFangirls.com, a blog for the Backstreet Boys, I also help out with the fan club and write for their official site. 

I graduated from college with a Bachelors in Fine Arts (Communications / Mass Media) and minors in Creative Writing and Print Journalism. Before that college career, I attended a technical college for web design. 

 Just some random facts

  • I’m obsessed with eating ice. Especially crushed ice.
  • I got kissed by Nick Carter in front of an entire cruise ship. I’m still here to talk about it.
  • I have laid to rest my two cats in the last two years. I lost my 5-days-short of turning 16 cat Phoebe Princess Consuela in July 2020. My Piper Prue passed away after suffering a stroke on Halloween 2021.  Before losing Piper, I got a new kitten February 2021. Her name is Madeleine Taylor. Madeleine came from a Backstreet Boys song and Taylor is because Phoebe loved Taylor Swift. I call her Maddie.
  • My TV is on CNN 99.9% of the time.
  • I have been a fanatic of “Friends” since Season 1 first aired. I had the “Rachel” haircut in high school.

  • Thor is my favorite Avenger, followed by Captain America (Steve Rogers), Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes), Rocket Raccoon, Captain America / Falcon (Sam Wilson), Iron Man (Tony Stark) and Ant Man (Scott Lang).
  • I have a Funko Pop! addiction. I own over 120.
  • New Kids on the Block was my first concert. Alan Jackson was my second. Garth Brooks was third.

  • I have two tattoos – one BSB tattoo and another that says My Confession in Nick Carter’s handwriting.
  • I have an OCD problem that my shoes must match my outfit.