I think I’ll put my spacesuit on …

So I’m writing this after doing some contemplation the past two weeks.

I think I’m going to take a small break from the site. Trust me, it won’t be forever, but for a few reasons.

1. Work is insanely busy right now and I really want to focus on it and give it my all. That’s why I’ve been MIA a lot lately on social media, etc.

2. I’ve had this story idea since July when I started it and I want to see it through. I only have 10 chapters written on it since July, but because this summer has been so busy with the tour, work, health, other things, I want to really focus on it.

I will still be very active with social media, like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. I will still be with the FB group, and all of that stuff. And when I say the socials, I mean @BSBFangirls on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Plus my personal stuff.

I will ALWAYS be a Backstreet Boys fan. Nothing will ever change. I’ll be seeing Baylee next month for his show after his album release, so I’m sure I’ll be back after that. 🙂

Who knows, this break might last a month. It might last two. I’m hoping it’ll just be a month or so. Trust me, you can stop be from fangirling too long.