News: @AJ_McLean releases official first single, “Boy and a Man”

On Friday, February 22, 2019, AJ McLean released what he is considering his first single, “Boy and a Man.”

While he had already released “Back Porch Bottle Service” and “Night Visions,” those were more of testing the water.

According to AJ when Cat (@backstreetboysmemes on Instagram) and I talked to him in Vegas on Feb. 6, radio was very excited about the song which is why they decided to go with the album.

The song may sound familiar since AJ has performed it for several radio stations, including the Big D and Bubba Show.

So far several radio stations have began playing the song and it has also ben added to several top playlists on Pandora and Apple Music.

According to AJ, the album will be released sooner than a lot of us may think, but you know things can always change in the blink of an eye.

Be sure to download the song from whatever music service you use or stream on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music or Pandora!


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