News: @BackstreetBoys release “DNA” tracklisting

The Backstreet Boys released the tracklisting for “DNA” on Twitter Wednesday evening (Jan. 9 – Happy birthday, AJ).

Thankfully, a song called “Passionate” that the boys played on the 2018 cruise will be on the album. The other fan favorite, “How Do You?” will not be on the album’s main tracklisting, but there’s always hope for bonus tracks!

  1. “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”
  2. “Nobody Else”
  3. “Breathe”
  4. “New Love”
  5. “Passionate”
  6. “Is It Just Me”
  7. “Chances”
  8. “No Place”
  9. “Chateau”
  10. “The Way It Was”
  11. “Just The Way You Like It”
  12. “OK”