Your Top @BackstreetBoys Moments of 2018

2018 has been the year of the Backstreet Boys in more ways than one.

Kevin, Brian, AJ, Nick, and Howie celebrated their 25th anniversary and went on a sold-out cruise. They released their first single with RCA Records and it was a smash. And did we mention the Grammy nomination? Don’t get us started.

Actually, get us started.

We asked you guys on Twitter what your top Backstreet Boys moments of 2018 were and you weren’t shy with your answers.

In particular will always be the best, I love all the songs… but their new songs make Me go beyond, more adults and with lots of emotion and love!!! Let more songs come tops as you are!! I love you boys! Kisses!!


My favorite moment was being able to see them even though from afar in Vegas, each day a different emotion… loved everyone!! ???