Video/Photos: @BackstreetBoys release their new music video, “Chances”


The Backstreet Boys released their brand new music video and single, “Chances,” on Friday and not even 48 hours later, the video has reached over 2.3 Million views! 

The song was written by Shawn Mendes and Ryan Tedder (from One Republic, who co-wrote “Undone.”

Not only is Brian Littrell, who has been known to have some vocal problems the past few years, back to sounding AMAZING, the music video was co-directed by AJ McLean.

My thoughts?

This is one of their best songs possibly since “Millennium” and that says a lot because “Never Gone” is one of my favorite albums. The vocals on this song is probably my favorite part. Besides Brian’s voice, Nick’s voice has NEVER sounded better.

And Howie doing that low part and Kevin going high? Lord, Jesus, take the WHEEL.

Watch the video on YouTube above and here is a little eye candy for you … some screencaps!


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