Happy 20th @BackstreetBoys anniversary to me!

I had planned a long drawn out post about my love and devotion for the Backstreet Boys, but, let’s be real – we all know what it would say.

They saved my life. They brought me happiness than I only dreamed of. They introduced me to my best friends. They gave me sisters that I never thought I’d have.

So instead of doing that post, I’ll say this.

Never underestimate the power of a musical group. Whether that group is a alternative, hard rock, bar band or a band of pretty guys who can sing and dance, never underestimate it.

While we Backstreet Boys fans might not see what fans saw in NSync or even this whole new BTS trend, we understand what it means to be a fan of a band. We understand those butterflies that you get when you see them pop up on television. We understand that feeling that rushes over your body when their song comes on the radio.

I’ve been busy this week working almost 40 hours in four days time and still have a day left to work before I jet down to Miami to celebrate my anniversary with those five guys who were simply singing a song when my life changed forever that hot May 1, 1998 night at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Orlando.

So Nick, Brian, AJ, Kevin, Howie … happy anniversary. See you in a few days 🙂