Guest Post: Unreleased Backstreet Boys’ Singles: Top of the Charts?

We, fans, have some favorites of the Backstreet Boys’ music catalog that could have been hit makers if only the boys released them as singles. Here are some of mine, a quick run down memory lane.

Who would have thought they would sound soooooooo good after all these years? With a new single to be released on the horizon, for the boys to dance is gonna be crazee sweeeeeeeet!

Who wouldn’t? You don’t say!

But I did and could not……….thought you were not gonna stay?

It did…… what is the direction to find one’s way back to one’s heart?

Sorry! Stuck in traffic! If time stood still, is that X-men? Dude! Stars have a light! Physics, man!

Down the Aisle love ballad.

At least, you know! So, if you know I’m not there, why wait then? Different?
What are you, a chameleon?

Tell me why…….Why this was not released? Eternal? I know! Lifetime!

Promise? I did not know……..until I found you.

Me neither —– With every breath, with every beat of my heart