Guest Post: Fangirling On Movies: Disney Babies

The Backstreet Boys love Disney as we all know.  I don’t get to watch all the movies but I’d love to have a DVD collection.  Going to do this at random choices but to start off, here’s one. Who remembers this classic?

So relevant with society issues, dontcha think?  Ursula and Vanessa, the bullies. Be wary of those saying they are a saint but they have dark-like blemishes making it appear they are sweety but looms on them like Darth Vader.  I know! Different movie, haha! Do you believe people like that? Remember: Your scars did not break you but made you the better one than the bullies. Because of it, you have the good character within you, always remember that.  

Once the little mermaid had her voice once more?  With the movie scenes, this helped build her self-esteem.

Even when at times, the shadow is haunting you in hurting you or the painful past feels like it is stalking you:   One of my mottos? You know yourself better than them. They might be intimidating but don’t ever let them daunt you but instead, rise up.  You might have the tendency to bow your head because you are afraid? Chin up. As the saying goes: “With every fall, it is not the number of times you have fallen but got back up once more.”  

Theme:  “Rest if you must and when you are weary, but keep in mind that God’s love carries you ——– deep within the heart always.”