Guest Post: Music’s new generation of girl inspiration

I disagree with the slogan on saying who rules the world but girls. How can you fight for equality if what you seek relies on superiority? Why? If you go back in the history of time, woman is from the ribs of the first man as significance to be just right beside each other in life. When it comes to the new generation of girls who, not only empower us as women, but become the voice who speak up when the need arises and know when not to but let their action speak for themselves on what they fight for, that is where inspiration comes.

In the music industry where it ironically turns to showbiz as a business and at times a rocketeering profit-making agenda, female artists have to tread a path of their own to make a stamp mark in the entertainment world. Music is music. I give applaud to the dreamers who want to become singers with confidence to post their videos just to be discovered, the aspiring musicians who had to work their way to learn lessons on the instruments and take an assortment of jobs to make ends meet, the people behind the scenes who do not get much credit but still, work relentlessly because otherwise, the music production would not be complete and considered as a whole without them.

On my favorite lists, here are some of the girl artists who speak for us, the fans. What they feel, we feel and that is when, music becomes real.

Ariana Grande

A horrific and traumatic event that shattered the music lovers with the terrorist attack, it takes more than guts but the bravest of brave fronts to show the world that we would not allow the fear they had instigated in us to stop living life with passion in music.

“I’m stronger than I’ve been before”

The past is part of who you are at present and will or can become in the future.

Alessa Cara

Ever since I first heard her of her fresh singles, I’m Yours, I yearned to have her freshman cd. But alas, I searched everywhere in the tropics but could not find her record. Thank goodness for YouTube and Google.

Still young with a refreshing take on her beats, her songs are relatable especially for what the youngsters are at in their lives. I might be old but I still find her songs are part of life.

“Cuz I’ve had my heart broken before and I promised I would never let me hurt anymore but I tore down my walls and opened my doors and made room for one”

When you are young at heart, love songs never get old.

Rita Ora

One of Rita’s new song is a spell-binding beat to the rhythms of the heart. She’s got spunk and the funk when it comes to music.

“I don’t want to hear sad songs anymore, I only want to hear love songs”

When you have closed that chapter in your life that brought the misery and bittersweet memories and only want to listen to love songs, you know you have moved on and living for love.

Kelly Clarkson

I love the fact the Kelly has branced to become an author of children’s books with her growing family as her inspiration. I missed out on seeing her achievement of success at American Idol but I searched at every record store there is to simply have a good listen to what her music is until I found it and what a eureka moment!

The older I got, the more I love this song because it has that deep meaning of my own life experiences. Sometimes, an artist does not know the way their songs have built that confidence in us, the listeners and fans, to come out stronger after the fall.

The more I admire Kelly because on the outside, she might be vulnerable to the entertainment music scene but she speaks up for herself and does not back down from a fight in a business-dominated industry. It takes a real man to love girls who are fragile and strength combination but still a lady as she is.

“You helped me see the beauty”

Someone who is able to pick you up through the darkest times of your life is the beauty of what love really is. When a special someone has stuck with you thru the bad times and saddest of moments, then you know and believe in the happiness love brings you. Love that has gone thru the worst brings the best in you as well. You will never know the love that you do need until it has gone through dark knights but that’s just me.

Taylor Swift

Country merged with pop when Taylor Swift embarked on her music career. She paved the way for your the youth of country artists to make that mark at even such a very young age, she’s got what it takes, talent-wise and all, to be on top of the charts.
My very first love is Taylor’s Love Story song. I do not know but it might be because I can relate to the storyline. But do not ask me regarding my love life. All I know is that I am alive. I have yet to have her cds. What? I am thrifty! Just for the record, I really do wear t-shirts and been on the bleachers.

“My faith in you was fading……..It’s a love story, baby just say Yes”

Music is composed of beats on what makes the heart beat for love.

Miley Cyrus

I do not know why I have this love for girls who have a distinct voice that stands out. I am a fan of women musicians who have a husky voice because it is rare and unique like Laura Branigan. She got slack because of Miley’s voice when she started out. I only remarked: “Is it because of the voice?” Well now, I speak for her as one of her girl admirers. After all, that is what the celebration of International Women’s Day is for: “to celebrate each other.” Miley has been controversial but she has shown she is able to climb over it. First time for me to become a little bit teary-eyed listening to this with the video — that shows the song is very touching with life stuff.

Miley has shown she is more than Billy Ray Cyrus’ daughter. She has her own character. Often, people are labeled because of who you are but not see you for who you really are just being you.

“Lost but no direction…got to keep my head held high…it’s the climb…I got to be strong”

Life is an uphill battle. Love is often described as a battlefield. Not figuratively speaking, but when you have been able to climb over the obstacles on life, it is not about how many times you fall, but to be able to stand up once more. It takes only a mustard seed of hope within you to be able to climb over mountains. Sometimes, what breaks you is exactly what you need in life to make you.

Avril Lavigne

When Avril first came out with her chart topper, sk8ter boi, she made heads turn that a girl can be rock and pop at the same time without having the physical looks for it. No matter what, it is the voice of the musician that speaks the language she wants to relay with the genre of music she has become the platform for.

I have been a fan of Avril since day one but I have been living on a cave when life caved in. I remember sharing one of her albums to my brother and her songs have become anthems for our family as well.

Isn’t anyone trying to find me…won’t you take me by the hand…I’m with you…”

We have come at a forkpath in life where there are a lot of tragic events happening, that we have become lost. The world cries and questions what is going on. If you have ever felt lost, this song speaks more of how trivial life is at times. I had written a poem a long time ago entitled “With You” that still stands true to this very day that it is my faith in Jesus that I hold on to with hope to fight for life.

Demi Lovato

Pulling herself out of the dark recesses of depression, Demi has become the voice, not of the black stigma of mental illness, but as the strength of those often misunderstood in every essence of the word. I admire artists who can relate to fans the most on what we go through. For example: Lady Gaga has become the spokesperson for fibromyalgia, a very hard health condition to treat as told by a professional medical practitioner. These musicians are more than entertainers but has become the voice for those who do not have a venue for it.

“The day I first met you, you told me you’d never fall in love…”

Love should not even be a test because life is already filled with tests. Love is more on showing the best of love you can give even with the worst of times.

Bebe Rexha

The more I heard of Bebe’s song collaboration with Florida Georgia Line on the radio overseas, the more I have grown to appreciate her music style.

` This one is a danceable beat. It has funny anecdotes on its lyrics. A light-heart manner of a love and dance song combined.

“Don’t matter who you are, just love me the way I are”

If love is music, then to have found the one to love complete with your whole heart is with someone whom you can dance with in life. Life is a dance and music is the love that makes the heart beat.

Meghan Trainor

I am at a toss when it comes to this song. It both tugs me at the same time, it makes you afraid when it comes to love. Is that how scary love really is? But her love life has blossomed so that means her talent to write songs does wonders with performances as well. Meghan spoke of body image and self-esteem at the beginning of her career until she opened the door of her heart to love.

“I won’t take you for granted…let’s take our time, say what we want…so I’m gonna love you”

It is more of giving one’s self than a give and take relationship because you want to keep on loving someone as you always have and that is when sharing each other’s life to be just with that special one all for love.

Carly Rae Jepsen

It is no brainer that Carly Rae Jepsen became a household name with her first hit, Call Me Maybe. Carly showed that she is not a one-hit wonder. The more she is able to produce music of the youth and love. This one, a new song that tickles my fancy is a melodic and rhythmic tune that moves your heart to always be young when it comes to feelings to not be weary nor jaded. It gives you that ooooomph to revive a once sleeping heart to beat once more. Not radio but I discovered this song because it is a soundtrack.

“A chemical reaction, take me to emotion, show me devotion”

As the adage goes, all that a girl wants and need in life is love that is more than real and true but will become faithful to last forever and stay as one together.

Ellie Goulding

I have been a fan of Ellie even way before Love Me Like You Do became a soundtrack. Drawn to her because she reminds me of one of my all-time favorites. But, not only because of her voice quality but the meaning behind her songs. I love the quietness about her but loud with her messages. Her songs are not only poetic but electronic with the beats that makes it all the more special. She has given rebirth to the new wave of the 80s with the perfect tempo mix.

“It took us a while……..still falling for you”

There are times when love does not turn out the way you like it to be. Sometimes, love goes thru different phases to know it’s worth, the value of love to fight for it and still find that the special one you have fallen for and catches you is the one you keep on falling in love with. You believe the love when you know that the love you have together has grown to mold it with the love shown and forever hold deep within the heart.