Guest Post: Maria’s Top 5 favorite Elvis Presley songs

It is hard to limit favorite songs when it comes to one’s favorite musicians. When there was a radio survey years ago between The Beatles vs Elvis Presley, my choice answer is the King of Rock and Roll. Here is a quick rundown of my top five fave songs of Elvis. In no particular order:

Love Me Tender

A simple love ballad with calm melodic beat and voice of Elvis that drowns out the noise. Not the typical rockish beat but more of the sweetness side of Mr. Presley. Isn’t it such a swoon when the man says his dreams are fulfilled because of your love and vows to love you until the end of time? *drool*

Always On My Mind

Oh God! A tearjerker when the man apologizes. But still, makes me doubtful. But I love this as one of the top songs on forgiveness to explain why. My Papa loves this song very much. One time, he wrote the lyrics on a piece of paper and crazy little old me, when I saw it, I kept it for myself. I guess you can tell, at one point in their lives, Papa was apologizing to my Mama with this one as well.

Hound Dog

I love the rhythmic beat that gets you on the groove. I love this song because I love dogs.. I got mad dog love. Makes you want to boogie! I know, I have no effin idea what the song means!

Don’t Be Cruel

I get thrilled when his voice goes deep with “I don’t want no other love, baby it’s still you I’m thinking of…” I don’t have a fettish for low voice because I am more of a leg girl and maybe that is one of the reasons I have fanaticism for Elvis when he shakes ’em with the legwork.

Can’t Help Falling In Love

This one is actually a fave of all faves. But it dwindled for reasons I cannot describe. To fall in love is easy but to keep on loving someone takes years, at times, decades, for the roots to have a strong hold deep in the ground, the bottom of the heart to know and believe you really love that special someone in life.