Guest Post: Lonely? The BSB fans and the boys themselves showed


If you never felt even at least once in your life the feeling of emptiness and being lonely, you are lying.

Brian’s part? Yup. Actually, I have done a lot of hospital tours my whole life. So, no surprise!

Walking on the city streets and getting swooped by a ghost because I literally almost got hit and sideswept by a freaking bus, inspite of the fact I was on the sidewalk where pedestrians ought to be. After all, I am a law-abiding citizen.

Getting clothes splashed? Not only that, but very much soaked. Why? Because I was treading through the flood and heavy torrents of rain pouring. So, by the time I got to school, my uniform, well, you get the idea. I looked like a basang-sisiw! Imagine what I did to my shoes and the rest of ’em.

I was like: “Woah! Isn’t that Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely?”” It almost cost my life and back on hospital tour again but found it amusing I got saved and pulled back. Heck, thankfully, I picked shoes that were well-made that it passed the flood test.

We have dearly departed loved ones but for me, the hardest hit was losing my Kuya. Truthfully, it is taking me years of tears.

As BSB and fanmily, we all grieved together when we lost Q.

You folks, what’s your side of the story? Let’s hear ’em!

Oh God, please do not tell me what is next for BSB song to happen? Might I make a suggestion: Birthday song? Everybody else has one, so why not BSB? Come on, boys!