Guest Post: Valentine’s Day Backstreet Boys stories based on songs

By Maria Dolores A. Diño

Who hasn’t experienced being broken hearted, right? Let’s admit, fandom, loves the Backstreet Boys because of the music . One of the reasons that tuggs our heartstrings is their love ballads. I am a sucker for this! Aside from the dance tracks, this Valentine’s, I want to share this Valentine story that narrates the heartaches but told through Backstreet Boys’ songs.

Crawling Back To You

[AdSense-A] The man let go of the girl to think they are better to be apart, breaking the girl’s heart in the process. Question is: Does the man really have to crawl back? It is the girl who got bruised. When a man begs for a second chance…after you have given him all the chances in the world? Would you? What is it about waiting? Do you wait to get back together to heal the heart of the one you hurt? Or do you want to heal it as soon as you can? Do you wait until she becomes too numb to forgive? What if it is the girl barely breathing but the man does not really crawl back? Is he filled with pride to crawl back to you? Or is it the girl who has been pained too much that she becomes prideful to not want to give that second chance? What is a man to do then?

Back To Your Heart

I don’t know what it is about this song that made me cry ever since I first heard it back in Millennium times. Especially during those crazy times when I cried so hard over it. To be honest, I only found out how much this song meant to the Richardsons when they brought Gary Baker on stage. I just cried when Millennium came out. I watch it on videos but I do not want to cry anymore. Who would want to cry over and over on repeat? I don’t! But that seems to be my heart’s theme. What do you have to prove? You do not even have to give me the world because you are my world. First, you go straight and make a right. But if you want it to become Holy, there is a Church.

Don’t Wanna Lose You Now

Literally lost my mind in every sense of the word. YOU know what you have done, so why don’t you tell me? One more Millennium track that makes me cry every effin time! What is your reason to have left me behind? If you did need me so bad, why did you leave me then? If you are so afraid of [AdSense-A] losing me, why did you break my heart in the first place? I really cannot control my beautiful mind. But every time I fall, it does make me feel stronger that I have overcome it. Sometimes, it scares me.

Shape Of My Heart

If you want me to stay, why keep on hurting me? If you really want to show me the shape of your heart, what is the shape? Are you going to be ala-Ed Sheeran to strum it with Shape of You? That won’t work for me! Don’t get me wrong, love the dude but I don’t like it when a guy talks about my size no matter whether I am pudgy or fit or however you describe my shape. Looks is NOT significant. I am not a leggo! So, what is the shape of your heart if you want to show me? Up high in the balcony at my hometown, I felt the meaning of this song so much more. Feeling alone, I Still fondly remember the happy memories you brought to my life giving my weary heart the wonders of its colors with love.


Why go back to the way things used to be? Wouldn’t it be nice to make new memories? I mean, sure you can go back and recall the sweet good times you have to cherish it forever but after all the rain, wouldn’t it be so good to wash it away by kissing away the tears — for the girl to no longer have fears when it comes to matters of the heart? Seriously, the boys should come up with new songs that has the intro voice the way it is with I’ll Never Break Your Heart and Darlin’. Who would be able to resist Kevin?

[AdSense-A] Climbing The Walls

When you have been broken hearted for a-gazillion times especially by the same man, you build up a wall around you to shield yourself away from the heartaches. Thus, having the walls. And the man wants to climb it? Sorry, but our house got penetrated by intruders who literally robbed us! I do not want you to be a thief in the night! We literally have walls around our home. But kidding aside, I love Beyonce’s Halo. It speaks of the story between the man and the girl telling him she has walls built around her when they started to get to know each other first, for him to understand what she’s been through. The girl knows his side of the story but what about him, does he know hers?