Guest Post: Fangirling over Girl Bands

Boy bands would not be Boy bands if not having their girl bands counterparts.  I am not ashamed to admit that I also fangirl over girl bands.  Weird enough, I am able to remember more of the boys’ names than the girls.  But still, it is not just about the names, right?  But more on music love.  So, here goes a little rundown on the girl groups who found their way to our hearts with the songs that speak of, not just girl power or empowerment, but more on the feelings, the emostatic, of what real girls are made of with all the feels.  


Spice Girls

Out of all the Spice Girls’ songs, this one tops it for me because this one calms me.  More often than not, it is about the angst, but really — is it about how feisty women are or more on the soft side that makes us the vulnerable ones?

What girl does not need the one love that lasts forever?  


The Pussycat Dolls

If you know me really well, you would know the integral part in my life this song has for me.  It is not even about the movie.  But, if you did see the movie, that is effin cool with how love fights for it to stay alive amidst the dark evil nights!  NO matter how the shadows lurk through the darkest nights, the moon still shines bright as the stars become the guide of the cosmos.  It is not even talks of astrology but as the song goes:  “You are the reason that I breathe.  You are the reason that I still believe”  — all because of love just as the flower that blooms during winter, love so rare and true.


Little Mix

I could give a shout out to my EX but it’s not like it matters, aside from the fact it would not have been an ex when we NEVER had a thing to begin with.  

This one tugs at my heartstrings for unknown reasons but most especially when you secretly admire someone who is your inspiration.  Just let the song speak for what it means with much longingness to touch each other the way you want to be just because you love the man.   


Fifth Harmony

Because of my health conditions, I am at my best when I Work From Home.  I do freelance stuff.  I am able to relate to this song the most.  

To the women who work from home especially if you are a housewife, do NOT ever belittle yourself to say:  “You are only or you are just a housewife.”  To be able to do the household chores and in raising the children takes a lot of responsibility in nurturing and caring for a loving home.  The same belief is applicable to househusbands.  It takes much humility to let the wife own up to it while you guard the home.    


The Pointer Sisters

Who could ever forget the origins of girl bands?  We have the pointer sisters that shaped the mold for the new generation of present girl bands.  I do NOT like it at all when guys dare me with basketball.  They DO NOT know me at all.   

This song?  My life theme!  


Destiny’s Child

Beyonce would not be a household name if not for her roots with Destiny’s Child.  To be honest, I was so caught in the moment with boy bands that I only learned of this femme fetale girl group after they catapulted to heights.  I know!  I’ve been living under the rock.  Well, at least I still learned and know of them.  As the saying goes:  “Better late than never!”

After all the hoopla and rollercoaster craziness of life, this became my motto song.


Wonder Girls

A wonder hit by K-pop, this song is both the melodic beat that breaks my heart and joy at the same time.  Why?  Don’t ask.  


You get what you give.  If you say it is a go, who is to say no?  But the moral story to this song:  The kind way of telling OFF a guy you do not like.  Do NOT make a big thing out of nothing especially when you repeatedly said you do NOT want to have anything to do with that guy.  At this day and age, when someone of whatever sex, male or female, tells you that “No. I do not like you,” take it as a hint than to make a big ass of yourself, ok?

The world would be a better place if you learn to respect one’s wishes.  Douse the flame that spreads rumor like fire.     


Wilson Phillips

Love this.