Guest Post: Quick Valentine Rundown on boy bands

Let’s admit it.  We all fell in love with the Backstreet Boys because they are incomparable to the different boybands available in the market to like.  We have chosen Backstreet Boys as the music band we will love over the others.

[AdSense-A] As long-standing fans of the Backstreet Boys, we simply love boybands, right?  We would not have loved the Backstreet Boys if not for the love we have for boybands we fangirl on.

Quick rundown of a dozen little snippets of boy bands that we just can’t get enough of them being in a roster of a deck of cards we drool and choose to listen to, dance and sway those hips once these men place their lips on the microphone, nostalgic feelings of when our hearts got broken, momentous times when we answered our special someone, all that and more:  have a listen!


Remember that dreaded poll battle between the Backstreet Boys and Westlife?  Whether they cheated or not:  does a survey really tell who is on top?  Look, the numbers show that the Backstreet Boys are the best selling boyband of all time.  Now, if we are going to have a debate on that and base it on a survey, why not look at the track records, shall we?

But Westlife is Westlife.  For me, they are one of those rare boybands that I can admittedly say I have CDs of.  Yes, CDs with S.  But, not all.  My complete collection is and always will be the Backstreet Boys.


What if it’s the girl who confessed her love for the man because the guy is shy as a wimp? 


As far as I know with my boyband knowledge, Westlife came about after Boyzone who were sorta their mentors because they hailed from the same continent.   They are more popularly known for doing covers.  They have originals but covers are their forte.


From Robbie Williams’ era, a favorite of the elder fangirls.  Normally, boybands are composed of five numbers.  Take that is one of the few who only has four boys.  It makes me think if there is any significance to the number of boys that make up these band of brothers?


If you didn’t mean it, why say it in the first place?



Are you familiar with Mr. Bean?  Boyzone is included in one of its tracks, Picture Of You.  Sadly, what happens to some of these boybands is when one of their group mates embark on a solo career, you do not hear from the band anymore.   Guess what?  The Backstreet Boys are still here and solid as one!


It’s true:  sorry, forgive me and the words I love you are hard to say especially when you  want that special someone to stay because you need his love, your life that colors your world


Even though I am not quite familiar with all the guys’ names, I know quite a good number of their songs.  It is one of the records that I popped and listened to frequently as a girl in twenties.


For some reason, I just love songs with paint theme mainly because music is an art form and to describe love as such, well you get the idea


Fantasized about that beach scene when these boys crooned to the girl being the Sunshine in one’s life?  I am one of them!  I had to cover my eyes and ogle over them at the same time.   One of their songs is also on a soundtrack with Stevie Wonder collaboration.



As a superpower, I wanted to be invisible……….be careful what you wish for, you just might get it! I guess I got my wish and became an invisible girl to him?  Waaaaaaaaaaaah!

I should just wear Harry Potter’s cloak.



The Backstreet Boys love the Boyz II Men and belted to their hit songs.  But, before BSB found their way to our hearts with the ballads of Boyz II Men, we have already been fans of them.  So we knew about boys having matured to men.  But as BSB would say in return:  Boys Will Be Boys.  Yeah, sure, whatever you say!


What is it that makes men bend on their knee?

 Is that a man code with that position?  Oh, I get it — to pray as devotion. Sad, plain sad.



Before Nick Carter became an architect and mentor, Menudo mania was already making a household name for themselves in the 80s especially in the Asian region and their Mexican heritage.  But don’t mistake it for the food, one of my faves!  Before Ricky Martin was shaking his bonbon and livin’ la vida loca, there was the Cannonball hitmakers.


I was an agent……….007 agent?  Robee stickers!  I suck at psychology exams.


If the BSB are the Millennium boyband of the 90s, NKOTB belongs to the 1980’s.  Come on, let’s face it!  Once NKOTBSB embarked on a tour joining forces, we still grabbed those tix!  NKOTB is actually one of the first boybands I have seen live.  To see them together as one, picture perfect!  Except for the fact that Kevin Richardson chose to make his comeback after, but still announced it with NKOTBSB.


I gotta go!  To the toilet!

If you don’t let me go, it will ruin my panty!  I have to throw it again to the wastebasket.



One of the first Taiwanese boybands.  They catapulted in both telenovelas and music industry in the Asian continent.  I do not know if they ever got heard in other places so if not yet, here’s the dibs.  I had a freebie F4 notepad and sponsored CD somewhere here at home and in my bedroom.


What?  Translator! Is this a beauty queen pageant?


Another boyband with only 4 members.  Serious question, as a fan, what do you think is a good composition of a boyband, 4 or 5 members?  For me, personally, it is five because I have my own band of brothers, quintet but ironically, dwindled to four  but I will always have 5, no matter what.


Feeling close? I wouldn’t like to dance with somebody who doesn’t love me because if I did dance with someone who does, then to be continued —



1D — as fast as they rose to fame, that was also how fast their career stopped.  Or was it just put on hold?  Maybe, maybe not.  Call them, 1D fans!  Longevity is what the Backstreet Boys have that others don’t, especially the new breed.  New Boybands who want to make the cut in the entertainment biz can learn a lot from the older generations.

IF I am insecure then how can I confidently NOT wear make up?  Doesn’t that spell confidence? 

But you are right, I don’t know


What thing?  Isn’t that a Chuckberry song?  It is a guy who has a THING, NOT girls!  You ding-a-ling!

Wait, let me get this straight:  your kryptonite does that mean you are Superman? While I am Lois Lane?



One of my faves before BSB existed a quartet.  A hybrid of varied races and cultures, these boys were turned off on the radios from a few of the fan’s blasting their speakers because they just explicitly, unabashedly says:  I Wanna Sex You Up.  No doubt about it, BSB did melt our hearts from the very beginning because of their songs that have meanings with the touch of romance.


I love the rap!  Gift wrap. 

With all that said, it’s a wrap!  Take notes:  In Real Life.

Fanmily, let me know if you want to hear a part two!