Guest Post: Misheard @BackstreetBoys lyrics: “Crawling Back To You”

So here I, Maria, am, in front of my computer while I daddle on BSB songs recalling how they made a comeback with the Never Gone Tour.  Truth be [AdSense-A] told, the Backstreet Boys were never gone!  Alright, Kevin might have had his feminine hormones acting upon whether he wants to stay or quit but you know how men are, they are worse than women when it comes to changing their minds!  

One more round of misheard lyrics.  Hope that you do not find it offensive but I really thought this is how it went down.  So, chillax and have fun with this song trivia anecdotes.  Just when you think it is serious, never knew that the boys’ songs could be so damn funny as a crack shows up!



Everybody knows that I was such a fool

YOU said it, not me!

to ever let go of you, baby I was wrong

[AdSense-A] At least, you know…

Yeah, I know I said we’d be better off alone, it was time that we moved on

U-huh-huh-huh-huh you got me twisted when I was about to move on, you suddenly *sniff* no comment

I know I broke your heart, I didn’t mean to break your heart

You know you did but say you didn’t mean it so why did you?  

But baby here I am, banging on your front door

You don’t need to bang it, there is a doorbell or if you want you can knock on my door —

Is this electrolux jingle commercial?  

My crotch spilled on the floor

I had to do a double check “Is this Backstreet Boys?”  Their CROTCH is spilled on the floor.

[AdSense-A] No Kidding!  I checked the cd and yup:  BSB.  So why is their crotch spilled on the floor?

Is that why they were banging the door?  

Then only for me to realize — oh, pride……….

My hands and knees are bruised

Literally in every essence of the word

I’m crawling back to you begging for a second chance

I literally begged for water uhm can we skip now it makes me teary eyed

Are you gonna let me in?

[AdSense-A] Mike Francis?

I was running from the truth now I’m crawling back to you

Seriously is it running or crawling?  

I know you aren’t there but you can make me wait

but I’m not gonna wait

Here we go AGAIN!  The effin WAITING…YOU say:

I can make you wait but you are not gonna wait?

WTF man?!  MEN!   So, is it not gonna waste or not going away?  I need clean ears!

It’s the least that I can do just to tell you face to face


I was lying to myself

Now I’m dying in this hell

Hell’s Kitchen?

Girl, I know you’re mad, I can’t blame you for being mad

So why make me mad then?

Don’t tell me it turns you on!  Is that what you are going to tell me face to face?

[AdSense-A] Cuz, to be honest, I do get turned on when you are red-faced

And find it adorable

Baby here I am

You know, how can I let you in if you bang the door?  

A broken door with no hinges is unopenable and gets stuck unless you are stuck with me?

If you can see these tears I’m crying

I think that should be me

Touch these hands that can’t stop shaking

Is that masturbation?

Feel my heart that’s barely beating

You are still alive dumbass!  Don’t be so melodramatic.

You will see a different man

Oh no!  I want the same man I fell in love with, the same man I still love,

the same man I will forever love

just as you are  for you as you —

I am the transformer, remember?  I metamorphosized!