10 Facts: Get to know guest writer Maria

Maria Dolores A. Diño


With a lot of time to spare, thought I would share some facts to get to know me more: that is, if you care to do so. Here goes:

1. I love to dance but never took dancing classes. My parents concentrated and prioritized school education.

2. Went to 5 schools. Attendance: at least 3 workshops excluding seminars and such. One online class. Teacher in one college.

3. I love doing volunteer stuff. One time I volunteered to be able to eat free snacks. Wait, two times! What? I love to eat :-p

4. Considered to become a nun because I saw them eat a lot of food at a party. But, my Kuya said that I won’t be able to eat all the food that I want unless there is a party.

5. Mad dog love.

6. One of my nutty friends said she does not like people, only has 2 best friends and counts me…but loves animals. So I asked: “What does that make me? I am an animal?”

7. I am the guard dog of our home.

8. I love to write but did not take up a College course on it because I did not want for it to be my work and hate it. I wanted to love what I do, to write because I love it.

9. In my family as the only girl, I am the one who holds the Guinness record of having the most sprained and broken bones. Guess that means I am a ruggamuffin girl. I should be Robocop!

10. The very first stuff I sold in childhood: Merengue, love it to the max!