Guest Thoughts: What does ‘I Want It That Way” mean to you?

Maria Dolores A. Diño

The notorious question ever since I Want It That Way became a worldwide phenomenon in Backstreet Land: “Tell Me Why?”

Not to delve into it with deeper thought but to dive right in with the actual song.

First: You say you want me to say that you are my fire, the one desire. Even with a confirmation that you want it that way. You said it. There is no denying it. So, of course that comes as a natural answer. Who wouldn’t?

But we are two worlds apart ——— true that! Why can’t you reach to my heart? We live in the Information Technology era. The world has evolved from the Stone Age and Industrial times to the Information Electronic Digital Age. So why can’t you reach to my heart? Is that so hard to do? But if you have preference with old school stuff then I do not mind it even just a bit. Snail mail at times has more sentimental value than to text or to make cat calls because it does not have feelings. Disrespectful! Trust me, at this day and age when a woman gets sexually harassed just about anywhere, we really have more appreciation for that. Every little love note that you send my way………those little boxes of presents and postcards…..I Want It That Way.

Ain’t nothing but a heartache..ain’t nothing but a mistake. Exactly! Nothing! Why be bothered by it when it is all but NOTHING but a heartache, a big freaking mistake?! Get over it. I moved on from that so let us just make it as kapeesh, geeeeeeeeeezz! I don’t want to talk about it. Period with exclamation mark!

You are…….You sound like an echo!

Let me Tell Why: Two worlds apart, gives us time to miss each other. Two worlds apart, we find that our love is worth every little stuff to fight for it and see the value and meaning of what love really is. Real true love. Two worlds apart, you show me that love goes the distance. You’re not Hercules, are you?

So, what is it gonna be? You say you Don’t Want to Hear You Say: That way or this way or the hi-way? If you say I Want It That Way but then do not want to hear me say it, so what about this way? If hi-way, you go: not that way, what about this way? What am I, a traffic enforcer? Call MMDA! They have a hotline number cuz I don’t give away my celfone digits so easily! But to be honest, I cannot memorize it anymore. Hmp! Men! Go figure!

So there you have it. A little but of rundown down the memory lane when the Backstreet Boys had everyone and still have all stumped with the question to tell them why.

What about you, what is your take on it? That way or this way?