Guest Thoughts: Beginning 2018 with Thanksgiving

By  Maria Dolores Dino

Sometimes, we overlook the bigger picture that we can find gratitude even in the tiniest acts of love shown to us. I am doing this write-up as a way of reflection, back on what I have been through but still, was able to see the goodness and kindness found in strangers. It shed light on me to have that hope that there is still a better world out there.

The Restroom

I had a leg in cemented cast. One time, in a public restroom or toilet, as commonly known, there was a long line. It was a box office hit lining up! I stood in line, waiting for my turn. A while later, somebody tapped me. I glanced and saw it is the female janitor. She led me to a closed door and took out her keys to open it for me saying I can use that instead than fall in line. I did not even have to ask her but she just saw that I needed that.

Heights Phobia

I am just scared of heights, be it literally or figuratively speaking. You would not even find me leaning over to a mall railing that is several floors up. I would sometimes literally scream, “Don’t go near that!”
Attending a concert out of the country, I did not realize that my seats were way, way, as in, way up high on the bleachers. Nosebleed seats! You can just imagine how utterly nervous I was. A fellow Filipino kindly assisted us while I explained that I am scared of heights. Knowing I am a Filipino, he was just happy to see someone from back home. Any reminder of our fellow Filipinos who work or are based overseas, bring them the nostalgic fondness they have for our homeland. We spoke in Tagalog. It felt good for him to be able to speak in our Mother tongue. Gentleman and courteous, he led us to our seats. Nothing better than having the feels of being like at your home.

The Weight

Travelling overseas, I was at the carousel to get my bag. A fellow passenger must have seen my dilemma on how a little girl like me was carrying such heavy luggage. He offered, “Can I help you with that?” Exhaling, I said: “Thank you!”

The Thirst

Long story short, I was all bruised up from legs to arms and with a very hoarse voice. Walking, like dragging myself to a restaurant, I asked for a glass of water. The female manager was very angry at me and kept shouting that no, I cannot have water. I begged, “Please?” Yet, she said no that I cannot have water. I asked again, “It is just water I ask for, can I have water, please?” She left in a huff, shoving the table and chair. I just sat there and waited. Seeing one of the waiters finish up his lunch, I asked, “Sir, can I have a glass of water po?” He signaled for me to wait a little bit. True to his word, even with his manager so harsh to me, he came back and gave me a glass of water. You don’t know how good that felt!

Every time that happened to me, I always said: “Thank you.” It is more than about paying it forward but doing what you can because you can.