Music Monday: Joey Fatone can sing!

So I talked about this in my video update last week, but have you ever heard Joey Fatone sing? Like, not back up to Justin Timberlake, but actually sing, by himself.

On the way to Charlotte, a song by him came on Pandora and I didn’t know what to think. I was in shock.


Check out the song below. “Radio” was released a few years ago, but home dude needs to release some new music!


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One thought on “Music Monday: Joey Fatone can sing!

  1. If you wanna hear more Joey songs, you can also check out:
    – “Hold on to the Night” featuring MO5IAC
    – “Sarah”
    – “Blame LA”
    – “O Holy Night” featuring The Wiggles
    – “Ready to Fall”


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