Guest Post: Santa’s checking his list twice: The naughty and nice of @BackstreetBoys’ ‘Drowning’

It’s Thanksgiving time and one of the Backstreet Boys’ song I am thankful for is “Drowning.” I am more than glad that it made the “The Hits – Chapter One” anthology album of their hit songs on the first decade, internationally as “Greatest Hits – Chapter One.”

Since Christmas is just around the corner, let’s review the song once more to find out how naughty it is, but still, really nice! One of my fave of all BSB favorites.

“Don’t pretend you’re sorry, I know you’re not”

Des your theme song happen to be “I’m the great pretender?”

“You know you got the power to make me weak inside”

The kili-kili power! That means, the armpit smell. Of course, that would surely make you weak inside. Especially after spending on all concert tix and VIP meet and greets, I cannot afford a decent deodorant anymore. Hope that doesn’t make you faint, as weak as you are!

“Girl, you leave me breathless but it’s okay, cuz you are my survival, now hear me say”

No! It’s not okay. I don’t want you breathless. Do some more cardio exercise. I want you to keep on going and going and going…

“I can’t imagine life without your love, even forever don’t seem like long enough”

Well, since you brought up measurements…read on furthermore!

“Cuz everytime I breathe, I take you in
and my heart beats again
Baby, I can’t help it
You keep me drowning in your love
Everytime I try to rise above
I’m swept away by love
Baby, I can’t help it
Keep me drowning in your love”

Ha! No wonder you’re drowning cuz everytime you try to rise above, you keep getting swept away…by love! Maybe it’s high tide.

“Maybe I’m a drifter, maybe not”

Call me maybe?

“Cuz I have known the safety of floating freely in your arms”

You’re kinda heavy so I don’t know if you can float freely, my arms would go numb.

“I don’t need another lifeline, it’s not for me cuz only you can save me, oh can’t you see?”

Only me? Wanna bet on that? I’m pretty sure Jesus can save you! He walks on water so there’s less likelihood for you to drown. See, Jesus saves.

“I can’t imagine life without your love, even forever don’t seem like long enough”

Ahem, how loooooooonnnnngggg do you want it to be? *naughty*naughty*

“Go on and pull me under, cover me with dreams, yeah
love me mouth to mouth now
you know I can’t resist
cuz you’re the air that I breathe”

YOU KNOW. I. CAN’T. EITHER. You’re simply irresistible.

This song is pretty sly, saying the guy is drowning. Guy only wants CPR from the girl and give that mouth-to-mouth action.

The next time you find yourself about to cry over a Backstreet Boys’ song, just think of the naughty between-the-lines messages they are sending out. Most of all, it really is nice with the sweetest loving meaning.

Credit: Inspired by Rose’s Drowning article