Guest Post: Sounds familiar? Little trivia with at least 5 @BackstreetBoys songs similarly titled by other artists

Ever ran into a song that you knew as a Backstreet Boys’ hit, only to find out it is of the same title but by a different artist? Here are at least 5 BSB songs and interesting tidbits about them. Read on!

1. Bon Jovi “We Got It Going On” from their 10th studio album, “Lost Highway,” gearing towards Nashville direction, released in 2007. This song was in collaboration with country music duo Big & Rich and influenced by Beastie Boys.

After meeting at a bar, Jon Bon Jovi, together with Big Kenny and John Rich, instantly composed the song after five minutes of talking about it.
The Backstreet Boys’ first ever single, “We’ve Got It Goin’ On,” from their self-titled debut album was released on September 5, 1995 with songwriting credits to Denniz Pop, Max Martin and Herbert Crichlow.

Parallelism is that the Backstreet Boys have collaborated recently with country artist, also a duo, Florida Georgia Line on God, Your Mama and Me that penetrated their way to the genre of country music.

2. Brian McKnight “Still” – from 2001 album, Superhero. Written by Brandon Barnes and Brian McKnight. Compared to McKnight’s other well-loved songs, Still is under-rated that only peaked at #115 in US charts and #22 in the adult contemporary.

First time I heard this endearing ballad was when Brian McKnight did an Asian promo mall tour and performed it live. I fell in love with the song right away. When the Backstreet Boys released a song called “I Still,” from their 2005 come back album, “Never Gone,” it was love at first sight or should I say, first listen and I’m hooked! Songwriters Max Martin and Rami Yacoub gave life to this BSB love song. It is a toss for me between these two heart-tugging songs with much longingness in still loving that special someone and in coming back to. I guess you could say my knees go weak with that kind of love theme.

The layout of the Backstreet Boys’ video was highly notable with its slow-motion approach by a very young director, aged 19 during the video shoot, Matt McDermitt, earning a nomination for best video at Italy’s TRL.

3. Sting, “Shape Of My Heart,” a book and a song of the same title by Sting. The book, in collaboration with Pablo Picasso, merged the song lyrics with his art. Dominic Miller, Sting’s guitarist, is a co-writer. The song speaks of in-depth poetry of likening how to deal with relationships, a philosophical poker-faced card player, to a deck of cards but stating it is NOT the shape of a person’s heart. That is where it mainly differs from the Backstreet Boys’ chart-topper because it shows the shape of someone’s heart.

Sting’s song is a soundtrack from the 1994 movie “Leon: The Professional.” This song was sampled in Sugababes’ “Shape” and Craig David’s “Rise and Fall.”

The Backstreet Boys’ “Shape of my heart” is about admitting to where he’s gone wrong, asking for forgiveness to show the shape of one’s heart. A 2000 ballad from Black and Blue, written and produced by the same tandem for “I Still,” Max Martin and Rami Yacoub with Lisa Miskovsky as co-writer. The song was released on Kevin Richardson’s birthday, October 3.

Directed by Matthew Rolston, the album’s name originated from this video’s monochrome concept with blue tint, forecasting a black and blue color scheme. With this video, the Backstreet Boys broke their own record at holding the #1 spot with “Larger than Life,” having “Shape Of My Heart” on MTV TRL’s top spot for a record-breaking 61 days.

The acapella version is a tear-jerker with the raw voices of the Backstreet Boys that makes you feel they are baring the very soul, the shape of their hearts.

A remarkable music fact is that the Backstreet Boys have performed live with Sting during VH1’s Men Strike Back on April 18, 2000.

4. Justin Bieber “As Long As You Love Me.”

It was with the Backstreet Boys’ “As Long As You Love Me” when Brian Littrell’s true-to-life love story rooted its beginnings. One of BSB’s hot tracks, “As Long As You Love Me” is 15 years senior to Justin Bieber’s 2012 same titled song.

BSBfans became ballistic as soon as first word got out that Biebs was coming up with the song. Who would dare to make a remake of one of BSB’s greatest classics? Bieber’s marketing ploy sure worked, to twist people’s mindset of releasing same-titled but different song, because Biebs riled up and garnered the attention of a wider fanbase with the BSB Army. Tuning in, the intrigued fans wanted to know if Justin did the song title justice, you be the judge.

5. One Direction “More Than This” vs Backstreet Boys’ “More Than That”

Interestingly enough, both songs share the same sentiment that they can pledge their love for the girl more than the other guy. The songs describe the different scenarios at which they can be better at, with a greater love than somebody else who is vying for the same love.

AJ McLean himself pointed out in their interviews before that 1D has been releasing songs patterned after BSB: BSB “More Than That” turned to 1D’s “More Than This;” One Direction 2012 documentary called “This Is Us” when the Backstreet Boys, as a quartet, had both an album and song called “This Is Us” released in 2009 with a worldwide tour; penned by BSB’s own Howie Dorough, the boys had The Princess Diaries’ sweet soundtrack “What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful)” while 1D shortened it to a more pop-fun, upbeat sound “What Makes You Beautiful” and both groups have a song entitled “Gotta Be You” (1D), “It’s Gotta Be You” (BSB).

No wonder Nick Carter was ribbing on Simon Cowell recently on his twitter about being mentors to new boyband groups because the competitiveness streak started way back.

No question about it — the Backstreet Boys far outweighed One Direction with “More Than That.” Having a good run at 20 weeks in the US billboard hot 100 charts, BSB’s “More Than That” peaked at #27. One Direction’s “More Than This” only charted in Australia, Ireland, South Korea and enjoyed a mered #86 position in the UK singles while BSB was on top at #12 and charted at more than 10 countries. No contest, whatsoever. BSB wins it hands down!


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