The A to Z of Boy Bands – D

The “A to Z of Boy Bands” is a new post series we are going to have on The Fangirling Life where we go letter by letter, talking about boy bands. Each post will include three people, songs, etc. that start with the letter.

Duran Duran

Some might consider Duran Duran a boy band and some might not. But for the safe of these posts and the fact that I became a bigger fan this year, they are going to be one and they are in my book. The British band, who got together in the late ’70s, is still going, this week touring in Singapore. And their hits sound just as good today as they did back on MTV when the channel first started.

The Grammy winners have gone through a few different members through the years, but the core of the group is still there with Simon Le Bon leading the way with his majestic voice. Their last album, “Paper Gods,” was released in September 2015 and they have toured off the album since.

Dream Street

The group began in 1999 after being formed by some record producers with some kids from the Broadway/acting scene. They didn’t last very long and their first album went gold. “All My Children’s” Jesse McCartney was a member of the group and we all know he went on to great things, with not only being an actor, singer but a songwriter, too.

Dream Street broke up in 2002 after the guys’ parents sued the producers, saying that they exposed their songs to porn, alcohol, and sex. McCartney has obviously done the best of the group, with several others trying to still stay relevant.

“Drag Me Down” by One Direction

“Drag Me Down” was the frist single from the group’s fifth studio album, “Made in the A.M.” and was the first since Zayn Malik’s departure a few months before. The music video for the song featured the guys at the Johnson Space Center in Houston where they got ready to take off into space. I guess nobody was going “drag them down,” huh?

An instrumental version of the song was also used on a season 13 episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.”