Guest Post: Analysis: Looking at the @BackstreetBoys’ ‘In A World Like This’ lyrics poster

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If you are one of the avid fans who grabbed the two for $10 mystery posters at the fan club, you must have been filled with delightful glee upon receiving it.  Having put it up on my wall, I found myself fixated on it and wondering about the mystery behind the poster.

One of which is the simple but revealing In A World Like This poster.  It reminds me a little bit of checkers with the way it is designed with alternate black and white boxes.  Revealing?  Because it shows each of the boys’ personality with their very own handwriting on its lyrics.

It is subtly written on the handwritten lyrics the name of each Backstreet Boy.  If you look closely enough, you can see it imprinted on the background.  As lifelong fans, who wouldn’t know who is who? But still, even when we could tell straight up,  it is nice to know and see whose handwriting goes with the lyrics.

Doesn’t it remind you of old school blackboard with what the boys wrote?  “No one else can teach me how to love again…”

Notice how Frick and Frack are aligned together on the same side.  Did they do that on purpose or was that just coincidental?  Nevertheless, it gave me a gooey feeling seeing the known bond between Brian and Nick on the said poster.  Not all of their posters or picture show that so this one is a keeper.

AJ wearing his traditional glasses is the only one who has it and with a bow tie, too.  It is like picking out spot-the-difference on the boys’ photos.  Brian is the only one looking to the side.  If these are meant to be depicted as mugshots, then loving the Backstreet Boys is a crime we are all guilty of and swear by with.

Kevin and Howie have the same style with their writing in bold, capital letters.  AJ has a combination of all caps and standard writing with small letters.

Both Brian and Nick, another Frick and Frack moment, have similar handwriting in natural form, having written in upper and lowercase letters.  It stands out more with Nick’s special curvature on letters g, f and y while Brian has 8-shape for the lower part of his g, along with straight slant on y.  Who else got thrilled and loved seeing Nick accentuate the lyrics with punctuation marks?  I sure did!  Even if it may seem not grammatically positioned cuz it cuts off, just seeing him put punctuation marks is a pleasure to see.  AJ did put one as well but Nick is consistent with it. To emphasize I got you! with an exclamation mark is a loud and clear declaration, we hear ya Nick!

Everyone, of course, has a shadow. But in this poster, only Nick’s shadow has a big emphasis on it over looming behind him.  With the rest of the boys, it is hardly noticeable.  Makes me remember one of Nick’s solo songs mentioning shadow.  I wonder if the creative director or photographer knew about that song and consciously did that for this poster with the lighting effects or if there was another reason for it.  Why cast a big foreboding shadow on Nick while the other guys have their shadows hardly there?

All of the boys wrote in poetic stanza forms showing their music and creative side in lyrical writing.  My favorite part:  the boys’ penmanship.  Usually, we read on album credits their messages on computerized fonts.  We often have them sign autographs for us.  But to see their handwritten lyrics?  A treasure!  Remember Nick doing a Q&A on a lyrics site with his own handwritten answers?  Loved it to the max!

For the meantime, while all these mysteriousness surrounds the making behind the poster, I would dreamily find myself staring at it in my bedroom, right beside my bed.  I know, I’ve been staring at it too much for far too long!  Don’t we all?

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