Guest Post: 22 years of ‘We’ve Got It Goin’ On’ and the @BackstreetBoys still do

September 5, 1995 is marked in the history of the Backstreet Boys as the release date for their very first single, “We’ve Got It Goin’ On”. From their self-titled international album, the single charted for 20 weeks having peaked at #69 on Billboard Hot 100. Who knew that the song title itself will become one of the battle cry of the Backstreet Boys that after more than 24 years since the group has been formed on April 20, 1993, Howie Dorough, AJ McLean, Kevin Richardson, Brian Littrell and Nick Carter surely still got it going on!

It is the only music video of BSB’s where Lou Pearlman makes a cameo. Even after all the tumultuous turn of events with their founder, it would forever be etched as one of the main reasons the BSB fandom can look back on with gratitude.

The beginning of the video depicted how the Backstreet Boys introduced themselves. Having enjoyed airplay on radio mainstream since they started, the Backstreet Boys now have become household names all over the world with no need for introductions. It was not all that easy for them. Having waited before releasing their first single, every member had to do the extra leg work to get the word out about them that started at HS gyms and mall shows. The static, in fact, went crazy wild with BSB mania. All the hard work did bear fruit to the success they now have to staging amazingly unbelievable shows thrilling fans of all ages at legendary stadiums such as Fenway Park, the Wrigley Field, and O2 Arena in London to Tokyo Dome and at present, another feather in their cap with the Las Vegas residency.

The boys are still the same boys we have known them from the music video with their love for basketball, AJ the poker man, pumping it up at the gym evident with their honed physique, playing video games being boys will be boys and still doing intimate appearances for the fans rocking it onstage.

In 2018, the Backstreet Boys will celebrate their silver jubilee. Their long-spanning career has earned them accolades, churning records and world tours touching with the fanbase. The Hollywood Walk of Fame Star has stamped the legacy they have made in the entertainment industry. For sure, when the boys jammed since day one, up to now, Backstreet’s got it and keeping the crowd hype!

Chart source: Wikipedia