Thoughts: Canadian? Didn’t see CMT Crossroads? Blame Canada… CMT Canada

I wish I could say I was writing a glowing review of CMT’S latest “Crossroads”, featuring Florida Georgia Line and the Backstreet Boys. I mean, I’ve had this night marked on my calendar since it was announced! I was going to put on my best merch, maybe pour a glass of Pinot, have some snacks and of course ogle the Boys while listening to their sweet harmonies.

And, it was going to be good – from the few appearances and snippets of performances here and there from the “Smooth” tour, these two groups, although musically very different, have amazing chemistry together. Which makes it that much more exciting to watch.

So on Sunday night, I decided to get everything ready to record. I pull up the guide, scroll through three days worth of programming to finally arrive on Wednesday night. And what did I find?


I thought to myself that it was probably just a mistake. I waited it out a day. I checked again. Still nothing. I start to get a little panicked; I message a few fellow fans and find out the grim truth: CMT Canada has decided to change overnight. They no longer play country music videos. Or anything to do with country music really, except some really old “Reba” reruns.

CMT Canada has decided to rebrand itself as: “the home of funny, light hearted programming that offers a mix of hit comedies, movies, and late night talk shows”.

So basically, they have gone the way most music channels have; away from music and into something completely different. If you’ve watched MTV or Much Music in the last few years, this probably doesn’t surprise you. However, they made the switch LAST WEEKEND. Which has left me, and I am sure a lot of other Canadian fans feeling out of the loop.

It had me immediately thinking: Blame Canada.

Don’t get me wrong; Canada is great. We have free health care. We have a hot Prime Minister. The beaver is our national animal. Our money is pretty and colorful and smells like maple syrup (this is debatable, but I think it actually does so I am listing it as a fact). But one thing that has always sucked about being a Canadian fan girl is knowing that your favorite band or artist (in my case, the Backstreet Boys) are making an appearance on some show or doing a televised concert and then finding out that it actually will not air in Canada.

This has happened quite a few times in my 21 years of being a Backstreet fan – whether it be the time they were on TRL the day ‘Millennium’ was released, or the time they did their Disney concert during the Millennium tour, or even appearing on certain talk shows that just don’t air here. It has always been a thorn in my side.

Thankfully nowadays with the internet, it has made this easier to deal with as you can usually find these appearances easily enough via YouTube or through other fans who got the link from a friend of a friend of a friend. But it’s still hard to deal with.

And it still angers me to this day.

Right now I should be watching some sexy rendition of “Everybody,” or a melodic version of “H.O.L.Y.” but instead I am angrily typing this article wondering how many times Nick wrapped his arm around a fellow performer, or how Brian’s voice sounded, or if Kev wore his hair down or in a man bun.

These questions will remain unanswered tonight. As I take the last sip of wine from my glass, I am left with one thought – that NAFTA needs to start including the sharing of television shows and channels.


One thought on “Thoughts: Canadian? Didn’t see CMT Crossroads? Blame Canada… CMT Canada

  1. Missa says:

    I completely understand! I looked the week before because I knew I was going to be out of town and couldn’t find it. I even set the PVR for the time it was going to be on… just in case. What did I get? 8 Simple Rules. Now I’m off to find some way to view it online. There as to be someway.. right?


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