Guest Post: 10 years ago: @BackstreetBoys were ‘Inconsolable,’ but Unbreakable

This year, 2017,  marks the 10th year anniversary of the Backstreet Boys’ Unbreakable album.  Coincidentally, with the supernatural Solar Eclipse that occurred on August 21st, Brian Littrell is still singing Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”  Remember the music video?  Nick laying on the beach with his fiery red top with the eclipse hovering by.  AJ and Howie wistfully longing.  When in reality, it is us, the fans who are longing for the boys.

Just when fans became Inconsolable with the bidding of farewell by Kevin Richardson, the Backstreet Boys have proven they truly are Unbreakable.  They did not let it be a hindrance.  Non-stop, the remaining boys toured everywhere and came up with more albums.  For that, the fans stayed dedicated to the band.  Five years later, Kevin rejoined with more inspiration and enthusiasm to bring to the table.

A fun fact trivia shared by the boys is that Inconsolable was the last song they recorded for the album.  Still, they chose it as their first single released in August 2007.  Promoting the album and the single, the quartet paired up in two’s, Brian with AJ and Howie with Nick with their radio gigs.  If you want to relive the excitement during that promo, the boys back then shared cell phone numbers for the fans to call in.  From a bundle of nerves to shaking voices and shrieked thrills, some of us were lucky enough to get through and have a phone conversation with them.

If you had the privilege of grabbing the CD with the hidden track, “There’s Us,” count yourself fortunate.  Not every fan was able to get a hold of that copy.  That song could have been a great single.  The lyrics alone are filled with romance and with the angelic voices of the boys, it is a song made for to be matched in heaven.  Who wouldn’t want that kind of ideal love, that there is us?

Right before embarking on a world tour in 2008, the boys first went over briefly to Japan.  It was then and there where the nickname of Nicko for Nick became known, as the Japanese fans endearingly called him with Brian jesting him about it.  They quickly came back to America to put more concrete promotions for Unbreakable.   Shooting another music video for Helpless When She Smiles, creatively in black and white, we lovingly remember how Brian teased Nick in being such a wussy with running down the hill.

A decade of Unbreakable revealed how the Backstreet Boys can continue on, even with a member leaving,  temporarily, but still finding themselves back together again as the rock-solid family unit they are with all 5, permanently.