Music Monday: Happy birthday, @Backstreet Boys’ ‘More Than That’

Can you believe that 16 years ago today, the Backstreet Boys’ song “More Than That” was released? It seems like yesterday, right?

To a lot of fans, it makes them think of the crazy summer of 2001. The video for a lot of us reminds us of AJ going into rehab and the other four going on TRL and announcing that the “Black and Blue” World Tour was on hold while AJ sought treatment. After that announcement, Carson Daly lead into the “More Than That” music video.

But besides the music video, which is legendary in it’s on right, let’s check out five of the best performances of the song ranging in years from 2001 when it was released all the way up to 2014  on the Backstreet Boys cruise.

What’s your favorite performance of “More Than That?” Comment below and share the YouTube video!




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