5 Times @NickCarter was the cutest daddy in the world

Let’s face it people – we never thought we’d see the day that Nick Carter was a father. But along came Lauren and everything changed.

In April 2016, Lauren and Nick welcomed Odin Reign Carter, a little blue-eyed, blonde baby boy who seems like the perfect mixture of both of his parents.

Since his birth, both Nick and Lauren have shared plenty of photos of the tiniest Backstreet Boy. And each time we see a new one, a collective “awww” is heard around the world.

Take a look at five times Nick was the cutest daddy in the whole wide world!

1. ‘Don’t eat the grass!’

The fact that he’s sitting there watching it and then decides to tell him no. Bless him. He’s such a first time Daddy and it’s incredibly cute.


2. Giggling at baby squeals

There’s nothing more adorable that Nick’s cackle and especially when that cackle comes after making his son squeal.

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Ok. Someone's finding their voice 😊

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3. Family time

The fact that Nick is carrying the baby around on his chest, giving Lauren a break, is amazing. How many guys would do this? Imagine going to the farmers market and bam, there’s Nick with a baby on his chest. Ugh, makes my ovaries hurt.

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Farmers market with my ❤️❤️

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4. Football buddies

Everybody knew it was going to happen … Even if Odin had been a girl, Nick would have had a little cheerleader’s outfit. It was inevitable that Odin would get decked out in Bucs gear. And it’s freakin’ adorable!


5. Bring baby to work day

Bringing Odin to the studio where “Daddy Nick” is working is probably ever cuter than anything else. Nick’s already wanting to share music with him at this point. It makes my heart happy. And it’s so freakin’ cute!


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