Thoughts you have when you read your old fan fiction

The past few days, I’ve been reading some of my old Backstreet Boys fan fiction. I know, one should probably never go back and read that stuff, but a lot of it, I’m proud of it. Some of it, I’m not.

I was re-reading my story, “The Story of Us,” because I’ve been debating on rewriting it as an original fiction story to publish. I love the storyline that some of the things that happened in the story. Some of the things that I wrote are great, but some of it, it sucks.

Why? It’s not that I’m a bad writer. One of my professors in school told me that I was one of the best writers he had come through the Creative Writing program. But I think the reason why parts of it sucks … I rushed myself too much to write it so fast. I didn’t take the appropriate time to play some scenes out or flush out ideas.

Back then, it was getting chapters out, so people can read and you get more attention and feedback and people would crave more.

I regret a lot of that now. I mean, I would write like a chapter or two a day, depending on the day. Looking back on it now, I have no idea how I did that.

I see people search for my old site and my stories and find their way here and I apologize to them for them not being online. I really do want to try to turn that story into a real book, so hopefully, people will bear with me. I wish I could write like I used to, but I’ve moved on. I’ve changed a lot in this past year and I feel like I don’t need that outlet anymore.

I am proud of a lot that I wrote, especially my stories with Lisa. It was fan fiction that led me to the majority of my closest friends – fan fiction and Backstreet Boys.

So be on the look out for that sometime in the near future, but not anytime soon. I haven’t even started thinking about the characters and I’m going to take my time with it.


8 thoughts on “Thoughts you have when you read your old fan fiction

  1. Jany says:

    Hi Karah!!! This post remember me my first fan fic, the emotion to write and imagine the story in my head, the tears in the sad parts, everything. I have like 4 fics waiting for the ending but if I can be completely honest, It´s been more than a year without write a word. And every time i try to write nothing comes to my head. I hope to finish it some day. Thanks for the post!!!


  2. Justine Shumate says:

    I still read Nick Carter fan fiction . Especially yours . I was looking for an old fanfiction site called WakeyWakey .net but it’s not there anymore . I loved that ,because my favorite stories on there is Winter , Dressing the part , caught by accident , naughty naughty , and sooo many others .I would love to read those again


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