Man Crush Monday: @NickCarter is ‘just what we needed’

To see Nick Carter sing a cover song from the 1980’s is to live. 

During Nick’s “Now or Never” tour (his first solo tour), he performed a cover of The Cars’ “Just What I Needed.” It was probably one of my favorite parts of that tour. He did his little crazy dancing in his Nick way and I can’t listen to the song now without thinking of it.

Here’s a video of him performing it in 2003 at Acafest.

This past March (2016), he performed the song during soundcheck at the last show on his American leg of the “All American” tour in Nashville.

I about flipped my shit. I kid you not. I flipped out so much that I barely got to record it but my amazing little Hannah did.

And Nick Carter singing “Just What I Needed” while playing the guitar is that much hotter.



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