Opinion: O-Town (@OtownOfficial) is the most underrated boy band of the last 20 years


Since the very first episode of “Making the Band,” I’ve considered myself an O-Town fan. Not only did I live just a few hours away from Orlando, one of my favorite towns, I was invested in these five guys who eventually ended up in the band.

As I’ve said before on this site, I saw O-Town twice before they disbanded. The first time was their very first show of their first headlining tour. That concert solidified me as an “townie.” I was sold.

The second time was when the boys opened up for my other favorite boy, Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, during his solo tour in Valdosta again. All of my favorite guys? Best concert ever.

But then they slowly disbanded when “02,” their second album, didn’t live up to the hype of their first (which were both amazing albums).

I followed all the guys throughout their “break” and time apart for the most part, but when they came back around in 2014, I was happy. I was giddy. But I was said because they didn’t come to Atlanta and I wasn’t near Florida anymore.

But finally, the My2k tour with 98 Degrees came to Macon, Ga. and I was going to see the boys again.

And they did NOT disappoint. At all.

In fact, it made me realize that not only are they a great boy band, they are seriously one of the most underrated boy bands in the last 20 years I think. No, I know they are.

Back in the day a lot of people didn’t think they were a “real” group because of the way they were formed on “Making the Band,” but these guys are great together. Their bond comes through on stage with how in sync (no pun intended) they are with one another. The way they interact with the crowd is second to none.

Just check out these videos.


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They are so personal with fans, where some artists are afraid to touch fans (I’m looking at you Avril…). They read what you say on social media (Dan knew I was going to wear my Backstreet Boys / Orlando Magic t-shirt).

And they are TALENTED. Dan Miller has the voice of an angel. All of them are great singers and talented. So talented.

I did not miss Ashley Parker Angel once while these guys were on stage. I never felt that way when I saw the Backstreet Boys without Kevin Richardson. It always seemed like something was missing.

Last night? I did not feel that way. If a group can make you feel that great about a show, then that says a lot.

If you have not checked out their latest album, “Lines and Circles,” then do so. AMAZING.

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