Confession: How many reality shows is enough?

Don’t get me wrong, I have been a New Kids on the Block fan since at least around 1986, early 1987. I was a kid, I don’t remember.

During all of those years, when New Kids was the butt of every joke when they were mentioned, I stood by them. Why? They were my first loves, the first group that I truly, madly, deeply loved. Through all the cartoons, comic books, TV specials, VHSs, dolls, marbles, games, lunch boxes, bed sheets and everything else, it was never over saturated for me. 

But lately? It has.

Not because of the music because let’s face it, there is NEVER enough music.

It’s because of the reality shows.

“Wahlburgers,” “Donnie Loves Jenny” and “Rock This Boat.”

And really, it doesn’t even fully have to do with New Kids itself, but Donnie Wahlberg.

Three reality shows, DDub. When is enough, enough?

I’ve always loved how Donnie Wahlburg has made fans a part of his life. He’s amazing at it. He’s literally one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Even when he had never seen me before in person, he made me feel like we were old friends. And I’ll always love that about him.

But I’ve stopped watching the television shows.

I feel like I only need to know so much about one of my favorite singers. Sometimes it’s too much. Sometimes it feels like I’m invading his privacy and I don’t like that feeling. I’m sure this season of “Rock This Boat” is different. I didn’t get to watch it tonight because I didn’t feel good and slept through it, but I probably will only because one of my favorite New Kids fans is being featured this season (NECKBRACE!).

I know 99.9 percent of New Kids fans love the television shows. Don’t get me wrong, I loved “Wahlburgers.” I’m excited that one is coming here to Cobb County and the Battery at SunTrust Park.

As a fan though, I don’t need a new reality show.

I don’t need another reality show.

I need a new album.


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