Way Back Wednesday: The first time with O-Town (@OtownOfficial)

O-Town / Valdosta / 2001Back in February 2001, O-Town performed their very first headlining concert at Wild Adventures in Valdosta, Ga. and I was lucky enough to have front row seats.  I had watched the show “Making the Band” and knew about the guys, the songs and of course the television show.

The guys were supposed to have an autograph session with the radio station before the concert, but something happened and they didn’t make it. Funny enough, the excuse given was that their flight couldn’t land. So it was postponed until the next morning.

When the episode came on ABC, they didn’t fly to Valdosta. They were on the bus and had a meeting that almost postponed the tour and the show that night. Whether this was edited for the show or what, I don’t know.

In fact, here’s the part:

You can see me at one part around 4:20 in a white jacket, waving at the camera like an idiot. Another time you see me I’m taking photos… which is my favorite thing to do at a concert besides enjoy the music.

Here’s some photos from that night and the meet and greet the next day.

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The boys came back two years later, opening for Nick Carter on his “Now or Never” tour.

They really need to come to Atlanta on their new tour. Seriously.


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