Thoughts: If you can’t be happy for @NickCarter, are you a real fan?

It’s never been a secret that some Backstreet Boys fans haven’t been to fond of Lauren Kitt-Carter. Why? Who knows. She’s absolutely lovely and has been each and every time I’ve talked to her. Whether it was her sitting behind me and us talking for about 10 or 15 minutes on the second Backstreet Boys cruise, to interviewing her for “I Heart Nick Carter” or when she saw me at the Nick & Knight show in Nashville.

And she has no reason to be nice to me.. after all, I lust after her husband most of the time.

But I like her and she is legit the main reason we still have Nick Carter in our lives. So to see people still attack her for stupid reasons makes me wonder if they can even consider themselves real Nick Carter fans?


See that face? That’s happiness. Lauren makes Nick happy. She completes him. So for people to still go around and say that he’s unhappy and all of the unnecessary stuff that I won’t even repeat here astonishes me.

How can you call yourself a real fan when you look at that face up there and say something negative?

As fans, all we have ever wanted was for Nick to find that happiness that the other guys have found. And he has found that. And he’s going to have a BABY. A LITTLE (Backstreet) BOY! (I know, the pun is getting a little old 16 hours later…).

If Lauren had not come into Nick’s life… we may not be here today, gushing about that dance last night. We might not be here already looking at little Tampa Bay onsies online to give him on the cruise or if we get a meet and greet before hand. We might not be here talking about anything other than the fact that we might not have him anymore.

His life has done a 180 in the past 10 years and it’s all because of Lauren. Because of Lauren, we still have five Backstreet Boys. Because of Lauren, Nick wants to better himself.

Personally, I feel honored that they shared that with us last night. They could have just let the trash magazines do their things and pop a baby out in five months – but they didn’t. They didn’t have to share the gender with us either. It’s none of our business, but they did. And while we all may not have been there in the room on the “Dancing With The Stars” set, we all shared that moment with them. His and Lauren’s faces were priceless.

Nick has always shared everything with us… because we, the fans, mean a lot to him.

So if you have nothing nice to say about it, don’t say nothing at all.

Stop the hate.


These thoughts are mine and mine only and do not represent anybody else on this site or that I’m associated with. 


38 thoughts on “Thoughts: If you can’t be happy for @NickCarter, are you a real fan?

  1. Kristina Renee Zurawsky says:

    That is a good question. And I for one that am happy that he found love and is going to become a father. But if his fans who can’t be happy for him, keeps trash talking about Lauren saying that she is no good for him, that she only married him for his money. Then what kind of fan are you. If I hear any of th doing that I will delete them from the fan forums or report them.


  2. Kimberley Unsworth says:

    Well said, his transformation since he has been with Lauren is amazing. There is clearly a lot of love between them & they are both thrilled to bits to be having a baby & completing their family. I wish them all the best


  3. Alma Aguilar says:

    Love is love, and the best of all this is that he is happy and if she is making him happy for me that’s what it counts! And yaiii baby Nick that’s awesome and it was time already and for what they said about their last time they got pregnant and lost it and being on that pain and heal, for me this baby it’s a blessing for them …


  4. Heather Shores says:

    I agree if you cant be happy for Nick then you aren’t a true fan. This woman who is carrying his child, his wife who he loves unconditionally helped save his life. Be grateful he is around to sing music and dance and be a wonderful father, a father he himself didnt have.


  5. Beth says:

    Well said article, Nick and Lauren are so cute together. I’m so happy for them, he can finally have his family that he’s always wanted. I can’t wait to see what their son looks like!! I know he’s definitely going to have those baby blue eyes like his daddy!!


  6. Heather says:

    I have loved Nick Carter since I was 13 years old, I have followed them boys everywhere I have been to every tour they have done, I have t-shirts, and a ton more… I watched Nick Carter take a nose dive and was afraid we were going to lose another one of the greats. BUT then Lauren showed up in his life and he changed for the better… She is his life, love and inspiration to be the man he wants to be for her and that baby boy! I can’t tell you how happy I am that he is going to be a father… being a mommy myself it is the greatest joy. I took my daughter to their last tour in California… it was amazing she loves them almost as much as I do. So for all the hater… go hate somewhere else there is nothing but love here.


  7. Andrea Wernz-Hurtt says:

    I could not agree more with this! I am so happy for him and Lauren and it blows my mind and how unbelievably rude people can be. I have nothing against Lauren I’ve never met her, but to hear people talk trash just breaks my heart. Like it was said in the article where would we be without her?


  8. Katie Silliman says:

    Amen! I’m so sick of seeing “fans” hate on her! I have never met her but would love to. I feel like I can relate to her on so many levels just based on personality type. She shouldn’t have to bend over backwards for us to like her. We should respect who Nick has chosen to marry and start a family with. It isn’t like any of us had a chance anyway lol grow up people!!! 🙂 #mytwocents


  9. Victoria Senni says:

    People who don’t like her listen to the drivel his egg donor likes to put out on Facebook and elsewhere. Lauren saved his life and they’re so in love and so happy! I have no idea how people can’t see that!


  10. annie brown says:

    I am so happy for you nick and your wife I know how y’all feel that what I feel when I first found out I lost my first one and my little girl was only one pound nine oz I was so scared when I had her I know y’all feeling


  11. Danielle Smith says:

    This is spot on. Thank goodness I haven’t seen so much of this in the moment, and I’m glad for that. I’m a new fan. I realize I don’t have the history that most of you do, but I tear up every damn time he has that grin on his face, and I know what it’s like to find someone who makes you want to be a better person. I’m lucky my husband is there for me. It’s not always sunshine and glitter, but there’s always love. It’s a shame that there are people who want to belittle that for Nick & Lauren. She’s a much better woman than I for sure. I couldn’t be more ecstatic for them. Thank you for this.


  12. Deyanira Santana says:

    It’s crazy to see everything I’ve been thinking and telling my friends in this exact article! They definitely didn’t have to share that with us. At all. The fact that Nick has gone through some heart breaking moments and can FIANLLY say he’s happy and has a family, unlike the one he grew up with, is something to celebrate. Not just moments that he’s about us. We have to be about him too. Well written! Thanks for putting my feelings into words! I’m glad someone else sees it that way too. Fans can be a little (well very) selfish and it’s a shame!


  13. LainyD says:

    Well said! As true BSB fans we emotionally invested with the Boys and their lives. They’re sorrows are our sorrows and their triumphs are our triumphs. All the Boys have rounded out their lives with beautiful families that (as you said) generously share them with us. I can’t image my life without BSB.


  14. Nancy Preston says:

    I haven’t really seen this hate you speak of so I must be friends with the right people. When I saw BSB June a year ago last June Nick seemed genuinely touched & surprised that I congratulated him on his marriage to Lauren. After as I hugged Kevin…Kevin was like thank you for doing that. I was like well he couldn’t marry all his fans could he? lol


  15. tirza says:

    Very well written. I totally agree with you. I dont understand the Lauren-bashing and as you wrote they did not have to share the gender of the baby on tv. Especially since they had not even told their family and friend they were expecting before the news broke through the media.


  16. Melissa Medearis says:

    THANK YOU! Thank you for saying the things I have been thinking! I really appreciate it. I have never met Lauren (though I really wish I could, just to at least shake her hand and thank her) but she has liked things on my instagram and when I met Nick last year I wrote her a letter just thanking her for all she has done. I think the hole she pulled Nick out of is amazing and I will always be grateful to her. The more I got to know her on I ❤ Nick Carter the more I loved her as much as I have always loved Nick. I have never ever seen him look so happy in all the years that I have been following him and I am so glad he found her! Thank you!


    • Melissa Medearis says:

      I might also add that when I handed him the letter and said it was for Lauren I told him I left it open so he could read it first if he wanted before giving it to her. I said I know she gets a lot of hate, but I for one am happy you met her. He was almost shocked and he said, “This is really a nice letter for her?” I said of course and he responded with, “She will really appreciate this, thank you so much.” There shouldn’t be that much shock there, no one treats the other wives that way, this is ridiculous!


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