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You are now seeing a new Boys on the Block. First off, have no fear. Nothing that we’ve been doing is changing much. But, we are going back to what we originally were and some new stuff.

The site was started after my former editor suggested that I start a blog because I had a niche with boy bands and pop culture. At first, the site was strictly boy bands and then because, let’s face it, Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block had the most news at the time, it kind of became that – then mostly Backstreet Boys.

And don’t get me wrong, nothing about that has changed. But, we want to branch out a little bit. We want to go back to supporting the boy bands. We want to bring in other artists that may not be in a boy band, and may not even be pop or rock, and post things. It’s all about pop culture and that can be any time of music.

Personally, I have been writing for the Backstreet Boys official website and have found it hard to do both, which is why I want to branch this site out more. I want everything that I write to be the best that it can be and stretching things out only makes the work suffer. I want this site to be more personal than just posting news or top ten lists.

But like I said, we are going to still be about the boy band love. But don’t be shocked if you see some other hot guys on here, such as Thomas Rhett, a guy who I first saw on stage when he was five and I was a teenager. Plus, this video is very boy bandish and he loves him some ‘N Sync.

So thank you everybody who has visited this site in the past year and a half and we hope we can bring you more.


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I'm a fangirl in my late 30's who has been a Backstreet Boys fan for over 20 years. I'm also a lover of almost all boy bands, young and old. I used to work as a journalist and now work in marketing. Oh and I love cats and tiaras.

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