Weird News of the Day: Hillary Clinton’s link to Backstreet Boys

hillaryIf you are not up on your political news, the government has been looking into Presidential Candidate and former First Lady/Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails, but according to the Daily Mail, they’ve found a link to the Backstreet Boys or more importantly, Lou Pearlman.

The company that housed the servers that Hillary Clinton’s emails sat on while she was SoS’s vice president is a man David DeCamillis.

Name sound familiar? It shouldn’t.

BUT… DeCamillis was accused of 14 counts of fraud after Pearlman was arrested for a $500 million dollar Ponzi Scheme. Pearlman paid him $1.5 million to head one of his fraudulent companies that he used in his Ponzi scheme.

The Daily Mail questioned whether someone with such a shady background has access to servers with top secret American information and the answer is probably not. Because, really, should ANYBODY trust ANYBODY that worked with Lou Pearlman in the Ponzi schemes? No.

DeCamillis was close with Pearlman and was on the board of directors at Trans Con Records Minila.

But wow, it really is a small world after all, isn’t it?

Btw, I’m totally Team Hillary. Read the article linked at the top of the post. It’s an interesting read.


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