Site Update: This, that and the other

Hey guys!

Just wanted to give you guys a quick update on everything that’s been happening. Site updates have become slower the past two or three weeks and for good reason. I moved to Marietta, Georgia and started a new job. In the midst of moving, my Mom ended up in the hospital and I’m working a new schedule so I’m slowly adjusting to it. Plus I’ve been under the weather also.

We have a new member of the staff coming on soon and more awesome things coming!

A few things:

1. If you want to be included in our next BSB Video Analysis, email a video talking about your favorite “Black & Blue” video or email your thoughts to Ezra May at

2. I’m making a video about BSB memorabilia or weird crap you might own, email me photos or video to or you can Instagram it and then email me the links 🙂

Also, Stephanie is always looking for Fans of the Moment so tweet her at @steph_ktbspa!

Thanks everybody!!


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