Favorite @BackstreetBoys Memory: Missa (@RebeliousMissa)


In honor of our first birthday contest where fans are sending in their favorite Backstreet Boys memory, a few of us here at Boys on the Block are going to be sharing our own. 

While many others on the site are sharing their favorite memory when meeting them or seeing them during some VIP event, mine is a bit different.

Growing up I never thought I’d get a chance to see the Backstreet Boys in concert as we seldom got groups with such fame and popularity here. Thankfully this has changed over the years. It wasn’t until 2008 Unbreakable tour that they finally came to Newfoundland for the first time. Of course I went. It was just a bonus to see them again in 2010 for the This is Us tour. Both tours only included four of the guys. Both concerts I went to with two of my great friends.

Throughout our teenage years we spent many hours listening to or watching BSB videos. I remember watching the Backstreet Boys: The Video VHS (the one with the green case) over and over again, to the point that we had it memorized and I can still recite most of it. We created websites devoted to the guys and how many stories were started and tossed to one side because we didn’t like them.

However, the memory that sticks out most for me happened last May. I took a weekend trip to Nova Scotia with two friends (and the boyfriend) in order to attend a concert. This was a special occasion for many reasons. First, it was the first trip all of us had taken together. Second, it was celebrating our 30th birthdays. Finally, it would be the first time we saw all five guys in concert.

We flew into Halifax early Saturday morning and spent the beginning of the trip visiting some local attractions has my friends had never been there and visiting some family. It was great sharing all these things with friends. Sunday was the day of the concert. We spent the morning and afternoon wandering around the harbour front before leaving the boyfriend and heading to the concert.

We didn’t have the closest seats but we were ecstatic to just be able to see them without having to watch the screen as we did for previous concerts. Seeing them perform both new and old music was great but I especially enjoyed the acoustic part of the show. It proved that they have more talent than many give them credit for.

Another first for us on this trip was attending the after party. We still talk about it to this day. We lost one of our friends, who was determined to get a picture with the guys (and she succeeded with Kevin and AJ). We met some great people there as well who were just as excited as we were to be there.

Being able to take this trip with my friends was exciting, especially since this was probably the only time that all three of us would be able to travel as a group (one of the girls will be a mommy soon). Seeing the boys just put the icing on the cake.

I just hope that this isn’t the end. My friend Amanda and I are even more determined than ever to go on one of the Backstreet Boy Cruises. We cannot wait for our next adventure and the memories that will be made!


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