5 Reasons Why You Should Not Compare @OneDirection to @BackstreetBoys.


I have recently fallen “victim” to the fandom of One Direction. I haven’t paid much attention to them ever until they gave out their song “Fireproof” for free online. I was immediately in love with that song and then their album “Four” came out and I about died. The album is lyrical genius at it’s best.

So, with that said, it was like I had stepped into hell for some Backstreet fans. Why, you ask? Well, apparently liking this boyband is un-fanlike. Because everyone spends so much time comparing BSB to 1D, well…Let me clue you in on 5 reasons why you shouldn’t compare them…

One Direction Have Their Own Generation of Fans.

One Direction doesn’t need to appeal to all audiences (or in this case, all fandoms). They have their own generation of teeny-boppers to play to. Just like when BSB were their age (and we all remember those days like it was yesterday), they have their own fans. Those fans were once you, clinging to the hope of hugging and kissing the biggest boyband on the planet. You can’t say you don’t “understand their fans”, when you really and completely honestly do.

One Direction Are In Their Twenties.

One Direction is young. Their music is all about young love, (when we were 18…ahh, 3 years ago…). They have not mastered the appeal of BSB’s mature love-song writing. One day they will, but for right now, they’re making music that is meaningful to THEM. Not 30-40 year old BSB fans.

One Direction Are Idiots.

And I mean idiots in a totally awesome and loveable way. They’re 50 shades crazier than BSB. Them and their black skinny jean loving selves are constantly goofing off. It may be because cameras were not as accessible in the 90’s for us all to see BSB’s ways, but to me, these boys are totally intense when it comes to fun and jokes. (ie: 5 minutes before show time, these boys are known for running away from security while on golf carts or skateboards.)

One Direction Don’t Dance.

That’s pretty much the biggest one, really. As far as boybands go, all of them danced in some sort of way. These kids? Nope. And it’s not because they CAN’T dance, (although, I’m pretty sure Niall just sucks…) it’s because they don’t like to. Why do they need to? Their talents vocally far exceed what they could do dance wise.

One Direction Sound and Look Different From BSB.

Some would argue that Harry Styles is the modern day Brian Littrell, and while that’s often true to see. It’s also not. Harry is very quiet and reserved. He’s just normally very funny. While Brian is very outgoing and loves to be in the front of the pack. Some would also argue that (my love) Zayn Malik is the modern day AJ McLean, the bad boy. And while that is also true, it’s also not. AJ McLean is the real deal bad boy. Zayn Malik is the new bad boy. All the good of having a look-a-like bad boy, without all the bad boy traits to follow. Some even argue Niall is Nick Carter, and again…true and not. Niall is not a natural blonde. (shocked faces everywhere). Niall is a natural brown haired little cutie.

Their voices differ in about a million ways. Louis’ voice is unreal. It’s something I had never heard before in my life, certainly not from BSB, where Kevin Richardson’s milky vocals remain untouched by even the most adorable One Direction boy.

My point here is folks, you can’t compare these two groups. They’re different generations, different boys…different, different, different. I love both a lot and I can see myself being a fan of One Direction for 20+ years and I see myself loving BSB in another 20 years. If a BSB fan wants to be a 1D fan, don’t ridicule them. It doesn’t make us less of a fan, it makes us more of a fan because we don’t spend our time comparing them. We love them BOTH for what they BOTH have to offer us.


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