The @BackstreetBoys Top 20 Songs: No. 16 – “Straight Through My Heart” #BSBTop20

The No. 16 song on the Top 20 Backstreet Boys songs of all time line voted on by the fan is the first single from their seventh studio album, “This Is Us,” called “Straight Through My Heart.”

The song was written by AJ Jannusi, Kinnda Hamid, Bilal Hajji, Novel Jannusi, and Nadir Khayat. It was produced by RedOne.

The music video was filmed in August 2009 in Los Angeles and the boys played “Day Walkers.”

While Kevin Richardson was not a member of the group when it was recorded, he made sure the song was included on the group’s concert set list for the 2014 Cruise’s concert, because “I learned that shit, dawg. I looked up the lyrics on YouTube.” Apparently the song didn’t make the setlist, but Kevin put it there anyway.

To quote Kevin during the concert, “I remember the first time I heard it… that verse, the base line is sick and then the chorus went somewhere else. Like it was dirty in teh versus. Then the chorus it made me want to do this.”

Then he proceeded to do the Carlton.

Enjoy our Hannah’s video below including Kevin talking to the audience about the song and the performance from 2014 Backstreet Boys cruise.

To see the entire list so far, click hereNote: The Backstreet Boys Top 20 songs will countdown once a day until Christmas with songs that fans who voted here at Boys On The Block consider their favorites.


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