Jonathan Knight Amazing Race update: Have they gone off grid already? #JonHarleyTAR

While searching forums for information about what could possibly be going on with The Amazing Race with Jonathan and Harley, people seem to think that the contestants have already gone off grid.

Despite what some people tend to think on Twitter, contestants are not allowed to use social media while they are doing this so they can not see tweets to them. Or they aren’t supposed to from what I’ve been told (I don’t watch the show, but will now).

According to some on the RFF forum, they believed that Indonesia would be the second leg of the journey, but there was a 7.3 magnitude earthquake off one of the islands of Indonesia. Whether this has changed the course of the show or whatever, we do know that they were in Tokoyo yesterday. Some contestants were doing dance sequences. We hope Jon won that challenge if he was involved. LOL!

If you see any information about the course of the show, tweet us at @_BoysOnTheBlock.

We will try to stay up to date on what is going on!