Denise Solis Interview

Hey everyone! Mary here. Obviously.

I first want to say thanks to Denise. She is such a lovely woman and deserves every bit of praise any of us can give her. She took time from her already busy schedule to let me talk with her on Skype!

Second, as this was my first time filming, it’s pretty…Not what you all were expecting. I hope in the future to get better at it, so let me just apologize, haha. Plug in your headphones and turn your volume up 🙂

Third, I still haven’t been able to sit down and write out the interview, been a little busy personally. I will be doing that today and will have it up later today!

Hope you enjoy my little interview!
I loved every second of it! It is definitely something I will never forget!


3 thoughts on “Denise Solis Interview

  1. Amanda says:

    Great questions! I’d be very nervous to interview AJ and his mom. Too bad for those like Nick, AJ, and Joey Fatone who tried out for MMC but didn’t make the cut, especially lousy for being turned down for being too “ethnic-looking”. AJ could outsing many of the kids that were on the show. At least they got to have the last laugh with their group gigs.


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