Quiz: Which Backstreet Boys wife are you?

They are the women behind the men… the ones that make our favorite boys happy. Take the quiz and find out which one you are! Share your results on Facebook and Twitter and get other fans to take it!


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Note: This quiz is for fun.


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I'm a fangirl in my late 30's who has been a Backstreet Boys fan for over 20 years. I'm also a lover of almost all boy bands, young and old. I used to work as a journalist and now work in marketing. Oh and I love cats and tiaras.

25 thoughts on “Quiz: Which Backstreet Boys wife are you?

  1. I love Rochelle mclean, she is my inspiration and is married to my platonic love, my desire is to be her for a day, kisses for the 3 ava, alex and my family ro favorite monkey


  2. Lauren Kitt-Carter. I always get her but when it comes to taking a quiz to see which BSB member is my soul mate I get Brian. Lol


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