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Site: But I got harder, I got smarter in the nick of time

As you can tell, things have been touch and go around here, but we’ve been trying to keep everything on the up around here. Personally, my mother has been back in the hospital again and in ICU this past week, but is out of that...

Random thoughts from a Walker Stalker first-timer

But being a Walker Stalker newbie, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I didn’t realize that if you didn’t have VIP, you were basically a peasant and had to wait hours upon hours for a picture or autograph.

Vegas, @BackstreetBoys, ticket buying stress…. oh my!

I had said not too long ago that if the Backstreet Boys did Vegas, I probably wouldn’t go. That I would wait and do the next cruise. And just like with the European cruise, I cave. Because, really, who can say no to them? I...