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Playlist: 25 @BackstreetBoys songs that could have been singles

Every Backstreet Boys album usually will have two or three songs that are released as singles to the public and to the radio with possible music videos that go along… Read more »

Guest Post: 10 years ago: @BackstreetBoys were ‘Inconsolable,’ but Unbreakable

This year, 2017,  marks the 10th year anniversary of the Backstreet Boys’ Unbreakable album.  Coincidentally, with the supernatural Solar Eclipse that occurred on August 21st, Brian Littrell is still singing… Read more »

This day in (my) Backstreet Boy History: London Sony BMG Fan Event October 16th 2007

Unbreakable was a few weeks away from release, and Sony BMG were holding an album release party for competition winners and invitation only. I was lucky to attend with a… Read more »