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A beginner’s guide to @BackstreetBoys for new fans (Updated: 6.26.18)

 So you’re a new Backstreet Boys fan? While the group has been around for almost 25 years, you have just seen the light and realized the greatness that is Kevin, AJ, Brian, Nick and Howie. Well, guess what? You’ve come to the right place for a quick and easy guide for new fans.

News: @BackstreetBoys’ ‘Show Em What You’re Made Of’ to premiere on Netflix in June

Just in time for you to finish Season 3 of “Orange is the New Black” (which comes out on Netflix June 12th), the Backstreet Boys’ movie, “Show Em What You’re… Read more »

Video: @NickCarter recording “Madeleine” from @BackstreetBoys deleted movie scene @BSBTheMovie

God bless Entertainment Weekly! The deleted scene that fans have been asking for, and that was supposed to be on the DVD, has finally been released. The scene shows Nick… Read more »

22 Reasons Why I Love the @BackstreetBoys (by @RebeliousMissa)

The Backstreet Boys are celebrating their 22nd anniversary as a band. It’s been 22 years since Brian got the call that led him to Florida (Let me tell you the… Read more »

Video: Top 10 moments in @BackstreetBoys history (so far)

In honor of the Backstreet Boys’ 22nd anniversary on April 20, 2015, the girls here at Boys on the Block thought long and hard and discussed what the top moments… Read more »

ICYMI: Twitter Q&A with @BackstreetBoys during @VH1 premiere of @BSBTheMovie

In case you were busy, at work, or had something better to do (why would you?!), here are all the Q&A’s the boys answered during the Friday night premiere of… Read more »

News: @BackstreetBoys will hold Twitter chat during the @VH1 premiere of @BSBtheMovie Friday

The Backstreet Boys will be holding a Twitter chat during the premiere of their documentary “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of” on VH1 Friday at 9 p.m. EST on VH1…. Read more »

Videos: @BackstreetBoys movie to be televised on @VH1 @BSBtheMovie

In just a little under two weeks, the Backstreet Boys’ documentary “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of” will make its debut on VH1. The movie will be shown under their… Read more »

Video: Deleted scene from @BackstreetBoys movie featuring @howied and his former club, Tabu

Check out the video that ShowFilmFirst posted of Howie Dorough, his sister Pollyanna and the other Backstreet Boys at the location of Howie’s old club Tabu in downtown Orlando. The… Read more »

Review: @BackstreetBoys’ Movie by @Jhie0730 (@BSBTheMovie)

It was exciting to watch the movie. Such a heartfelt,real,and honest movie. It was nice to see the other side of each Backstreet Boy that I’ve never seen before. Such… Read more »

Review: @BackstreetBoys movie by @BrittanyLea

After watching the Backstreet Boys movie I saw that my friend tweeted “There is something pretty special about being a Backstreet Boys’ fan”, I think this was the perfect sentiment… Read more »

Exclusive: 10 questions with the @BackstreetBoys about “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of” (@BSBTheMovie)

1. The movie is named after the song that AJ and Kevin wrote for your children. What are you going to tell them about the movie and your past as… Read more »

18 things we learned about the @BackstreetBoys in their brand new movie (@BSBTheMovie)

Most Backstreet Boys fans know just about everything about the boys and their history. But even the most knowledgeable fan may have learned a few things from their movie “Show… Read more »

Backstreet movie showing in London(@BSBTheMovie): Find the details here (@backstreetboys)

The international release of the film will include a special performance by the boys which is being filmed live at the Dominion Theatre in London’s West End on 26 February…. Read more »